Hawaii Souvenir Gift Set

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Stickers: This set includes one sheet of vintage stickers that shows people doing various "Hawaiian" activities from pounding poi, to surfing.

Decal: This decal in the shape of a turtle with "Hilo" written on it and is perfect for cars, surfboards, notebooks or "Whatevahs".

Magnet: This magnet features an image of Kilauea volcano erupting, perfect to add a little decoration to your fridge or your office!

Hawaiian Flag Pin: This Hawaiian Flag pin is good to keep as a souvenir or to wear.

Marble Turtle: This turtle figurine made of marble is the perfect addition to your collection or for you to put on display on your desk or shelves.

Mints: This box of mints features an image of Waikiki Beach on the container.

Wooden Bookmark: This surfboard shaped bookmark is made of wood and has a pineapple, turtles, flowers, and "Hawaii" carved into it.

Luggage Tag: Travel in style with this luggage tag that has an image of the Hawaiian flag and the Hawaiian Island chain on it.

Dashboard Hula Doll: This hula doll is named "Sweet Leilani" and she is the perfect driving companion that'll always remind you of Hawaii.

Scenic Postcards (5): These scenic postcards capture life in Hawaii and features various images such as Kilauea volcano erupting and various other things.

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