Lunch Sack

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What do you carry your lunch in? Whatever it is, it’s time for an upgrade. Our insulated coolers help your food hold its temp. They also conveniently close with a hook-and-loop fastener. Made from 80% recycled plastic bottles, you can feel good carrying one with the 2” handle. 

  • CARRIED AWAY: The design will make you want to dance, and the 2” handle ensures you’ll have a good grip on your lunch when you do break out into song.

  • RECYCLED: The material for our lunch sacks is made from 80% recycled water bottles.

  • CLOSED CALL: Your bag will stay closed with the hook-and-loop fastener underneath the flap.

  • KEEP IT COOL: EVA lining ensures that drinks, food items, and more stay cooler longer. Add an ice pack for additional chill.
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