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Your potato chip tongs just got even better with these SUNCRAFT Potatongs, which you will enjoy also as training chopsticks! Use these for potato chips, sushi, salads, meals, finger foods, bite-sized snacks, like cookies, potato fries, biscuits, and slices of fruits and vegetables, for picking-up your tea bag from its canister, and for your needs of mini kitchen tongs, serving tongs for your restaurant or party's platter meals, Japanese training chopsticks, fun Japanese gifts or Asian gifts, and more!

  • Designed to help keep your hands clean and free from grease as you enjoy your potato chips, snack, or meals in-between work, while being in-front of the computer, and while studying. Expertly crafted like tongs, which handles are shaped like chopsticks and with anti-slip ridges on both the handle and the tip.

  • Each potato chip tong measures 7.3" long. Weighs approximately 0.25 lbs. Made of polypropylene plastic. Heat-resistant up to 90° Celsius. Hand-wash to clean

  • Sold individually and in random colors. Suggested for kids and adults. Made in Japan. Ships from PA, USA.
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