Woodstock Zenergy Meditation Chime


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Two rods tuned to similar pitches produce a pulsing tone called "beating."

For best results, play the Zenergy Meditation Chime quietly, being careful not to dampen the sound by letting the mallet rest on the rod after striking it. Then take a deep breath and listen. Relax, refocus, and reenergize with these good vibrations.

Comes with a mallet and listening exercises.

This Zenergy Chime includes a keyhole slot on the back so it can be installed upright on a door or wall. The mallet handle slips in between the chime and the wood for safekeeping, and voila! your Zenergy Chime is always ready to go, right at your fingertips!

Height: 1.5 inches • Width: 8 inches • Depth: 2.5 inches

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